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March 15, 2020    

 · Our new paper "Context effects on probability estimation" is out in PLOS Biology: [link]. We show that people's probability estimates are context-dependent and that greater uncertainty about whether an event would occur makes us more susceptible to being affected by the context of our past experience.

 · Congratulations to Wei-Hsiang Lin (former Masters student and research assistant) to being accepted by the Neuroscience PhD program at EPFL (Lausanne)!
 · Congratulations to Yun-Yen Yang (former Masters student) to being accepted by PhD program in Psychology at Rutgers University Newark! Yun-Yen also received Fulbright scholarship for her PhD study!  · Congratulations to Wan-Yu Shih (current 4th-year PhD student) to being awarded Fulbright scholarship and scholarship from Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST): Graduate-Student-Study-Abroad-Program! She will be a visiting student in Paul Glimcher's lab!